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Redway Construction Project

Gary Stothers post on August 14th, 2013
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There is a proposal to build a road connecting Redway (the Loblaws at the sound end of Laird) and Bayview (where it Nesbitt meets Bayview).
This will destroy the newly created Caruthers Woods parkland as well as greatly increase traffic through our neighbourhood.
According to our Councillor “John Parker”…
The proposal has been referred to the Public Works Committee. It has not yet made it to the committee agenda.
Committee activity will be quiet over the month of August but will pick up again in September. I expect this matter to appear on the Works agenda this fall.


 John Parker

Toronto City Councillor – Ward 26 – Don Valley West

416 392-0215

Stay in touch with Councillor Parker by joining his email list [here] or by visiting


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