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Toronto Waste Management Strategy

Gary Stothers post on March 5th, 2015
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The City is developing a Long Term Waste Management Strategy for the next 30 – 50 years to find new ways to look after our waste. The Waste Strategy will recommend waste management policies and programs, including how to manage the garbage remaining after reducing, reusing, recycling, and composting.

Project Update 2 final Jan9

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Keep up with project updates and public consultation opportunities by visiting the project website or subscribing to the email listserve.
Robyn Shyllit

Sr. Public Consultation Coordinator
City of Toronto
Email updates:
Comment Line: 416-392-3760
Twitter: @GetInvolvedTO #TOWasteStrategy
TTY: 416-338-0338
Fax: 416-392-2974
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Midtown Project Update

Gary Stothers post on March 4th, 2015
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Did you lose your phone in Nesbitt Park?

Gary Stothers post on March 1st, 2015
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Arthur found one!

The screen appears to be broken, but you might be able to save out some of the information.

Drop me a line if this is your phone.

gary @





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