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Don River Valley Park

Gary Stothers post on May 12th, 2017
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Compost Day —> POSTPONED !

Gary Stothers post on May 5th, 2017
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Due to the continuing rain, we think it is best to cancel and re-schedule the compost day.

A giant drop-off of dirt would quickly turn to mud. This is not ideal.

It would be quite a muddy mess for the Triangular Park (and for community residents) which we and I think everyone would like to avoid.


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Bennington Heights Elementary School Community Information Night

Gary Stothers post on May 3rd, 2017
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Flyer – Hardscape Info Night

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017 7PM–8PM
Bennington Heights School Library

The hardscape (paved area) around the school will be removed and replaced this Summer 2017.

  • The School Principal and School Council have been working with the TDSB Construction & Design Group to upgrade the hardscape and outdoor landscape.
  • This project started last spring when HYDRO ONE offered to donate $85,000 to the school to benefit the surrounding community for their patience with the hydro ungrades.
  • School Council was able to fundraise an additional $100,000 to complete the funds required to improve the school yard landscape.
  • Construction is targeted for this summer and to be completed for the start of school in September 2017.
  • The area will be fenced off for safety BUT the one playscape beside the baseball diamond and the baseball diamond will be accessible.WHAT ARE THE IMPROVEMENTS?
  • Remove and replace the asphalt. Re-grade and improve drainage
  • Add 2 new basketball nets and paint a proper court on the new asphalt
  • Paint new line games on asphalt
  • Add a fence and gate around the parking lot near the front of the school for safetyregulations
  • Access and landing improvement for door area where kids play wall ball
  • Add 2 new mini soccer goals with nets
  • Add 2 new 3 row bleachers for soccer and baseball viewing
  • Field and grass improvements (Scheduled for 2018)

Please join us!


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