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Gary Stothers post on November 20th, 2017
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Last night (Sunday, November 19) a neighbour was walking the puppy around 8:30 pm and saw 2 coywolves in the park.  The humans were on the sidewalk on Douglas and the coy wolves were across the field near the baseball diamond. Both on the move.  They have been seen other times in the park and on the tracks within the last month.

They seem to be pair and hanging in our hood.

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Gary Stothers post on November 14th, 2017
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Our house (on Nesbitt) backs on to the train tracks. Tonight around 7pm, we had the back door open and we heard something that sounded like a high pitched horse whinny.

It was a screech owl.

Keep an eye and ear out for our wilderness friends.

it sounded exactly like this (but this is not our video):

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