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Neighbourhood Cleanup

Gary Stothers post on April 20th, 2018
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Hello cleanup participants,

Toronto continues to face more and more unpredictable weather, and no one ever thought an ice storm would add challenges to our cleanup. Good news… the weather is on our side this weekend. Thank you to everyone for pushing forward and helping keep Toronto clean.

  1. Safety is a priority. Attached, is a list of tips that should be followed during your cleanup. Please avoid icy and slippery areas, waterways and proximity to trees that have been impacted by last weekend’s storm.


  1. The white or black bags are for litter only. Please see attached – What goes in Garbage.


  1. Recycling. **Please place only ‘CLEAN & EMPTY’ recycling in the blue bags – dirty, soaked or decomposing papers and plastics should be placed in the litter bags. Please see attached poster – What goes in Recycling.


  1. Cleanups in City of Toronto parks – the litter and recycling you collect can be deposited inside the park’s large black litter and blue recycling bins. If you find Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) – paints, pesticides, propane tanks, batteries, used motor oil and many cleaning products – these items contain toxic ingredients and should be used and disposed of with caution. HHW MUST NOT be placed in the litter bag. Please place the item(s) adjacent a Park litter bin or call 311.


  1. Syringes (needles) – this item MUST NOT be placed in the litter bag. If you find a needles and other sharps on public property, please call 311.


  1. Share your cleanup with us – #CleanToronto or #CleanTO


Twitter ‎@LiveGreenTO

Instagram @livegreento

Facebook @livegreenTO


On behalf of the City of Toronto, thank you for your amazing efforts!


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Bus Shelter

Gary Stothers post on April 18th, 2018
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We have received confirmation that the shelter installation at Bayview and Nesbitt has been scheduled into an upcoming construction sequence.  Astral expects the installation to take place sometime in mid May.

The construction for the concrete pad will take place first.  The installation of the shelter will follow a week or two later in order to allow for the new concrete to cure properly.  The Road Operations group will also be installing the permanent concrete jersey barriers during this time to enhance safety for those waiting at the bus stop.

*** this is just a sample TTC shelter picture. I have no idea if this is what we’re getting…

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Community Clean-Up Day

Gary Stothers post on April 15th, 2018
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