Permit Parking

Councillor Layton has come through on the “Permit Parking” – going forward with no “blanket coverage” for the Ward. He will be assisting those in precarious positions and need permit parking.

A special thank you is due to Councillor Layton and Angela Surdi for taking our feedback and research forward to EYCC..

Minutes for the June 25, 2019, meeting of the Toronto and East York Community Council are now available on the City’s website:

Essentially, we will assist those residents who want permit parking obtain it but no blanket coverage for areas where currently permit parking does not exist. Please note that there are some areas where our office will propose permit parking to resolve a number of issues experienced by residents i.e. the north west corner (west side of Mt Pleasant north of St Clair)  of the MPRA. A letter will be sent to all residents in the area and if the majority do not want it, we will not proceed. Having said that, permit parking would resolve a number of issues experienced in that part of the Ward.