Rock Art!

As some of you may have noticed, we have been begun painting and leaving “Rock Art” around the neighbourhood. We’d really love if you and your kids would join in!

Get your creative juices flowing – get your kids busy! No artistic talent necessary – just imagination!! Paint a rock or two or ten and leave them in the parkette, Nesbitt or around the block on boulevards etc. That way, we can all go on “Rock Walks” when we are out and about and enjoy a little happy sight.

Don’t forget to take a pictures of your masterpieces and send them to me at so we can start a photo collection and share them with the neighbours! 

Here are a few to look for as you stroll… 

Stay well, happy painting and happy hunting!

PS: It’s best to use acrylic paint so it doesn’t wash off too quickly (they sell little bottles of it at the Dollar Store in the craft section). But, if you don’t have any, try whatever paint you’ve got around the house anyway!!