Hydro One Update

Dear Residents,


On March 4, Hydro One met with residents from the Bennington Heights community to discuss the design of Bayview Junction. Options were presented to the community and it has been determined that option 1 is preferred for the Junction design. As requested by the community, Hydro One did share the design with Toronto Hydro, and representatives indicated that they did not have feedback.


On April 7, Hydro One will be onsite to begin work to rebuild the junction. Residents will notice an excavator, trucks, and crane, however construction activities will not be as invasive as the tunneling portion of work. We expect that this work will take approximately 6 months to complete. We are also looking into powder coating the new structures, to help blend them with the landscaping.


Also in the end of April work to install the cables within the tunnel will commence. We have retained Arno electric to undertake this activity and we do not expect much disruption to the surface associated with this work.


Thank you for your continued patience,




Marylena Stea
Public Affairs

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