Proposed Building Development

Apparently the Leaside Survey put out by Councillor John Burnside and the LPOA (Leaside Property Owners Association) has only been filled out by 1,500 of the 12,500 eligible residents in Leaside!  The deadline for filling out this survey is this Friday, April 15th. 

This survey is in response to all developments in Leaside, but mainly due to the very large development slated to go up on Brentcliffe south of Eglinton which will consist of 5 buildings between 19 and 34 floors (if you can believe it). Ramifications due to this intensification will have an impact on our schools, traffic and the safety of our school children, shadowing into the adjacent neighbourhoods, etc.

Please take a moment to fill out the survey!

Here is the survey link:

as found on the LPOA site at

With only 1,500 of 12,500 eligible residents having completed the survey, Leasiders will not have a strong enough voice on issues of appropriate building heights, over-crowding at our schools, intensification and traffic & safety. SO make your voice heard!

Thank you!