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Construction Update December 2015

Gary Stothers post on December 23rd, 2015
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Dear Neighbours,

As we approach the end of the year, we are pleased to provide you with an update on construction progress at Bayview Junction. We have now completed the installation of underground cables within the tunnel, including the terminations at each end, to allow us to connect the overhead and underground infrastructure. This completes a significant portion of work at Bayview Junction and has enabled us to remove the access elevator and place the shaft lid in position. Access to the Bayview shaft will only be required for Arno Electric to conclude minor work for a few days in the new year. We will continue to have a transformer unit onsite, located inside the red shipping container, to supply temporary power to the tunnel until April.

We are now down to the final stages of work at Bayview Junction and Hydro One’s construction crews will be completing the remaining work in 2016. This will involve site grading, installing the junction wall, tree planting, completing the final connections to the overhead lines and removing old equipment.

Following is a list of remaining activities and the approximate number of days required to complete them:

  •   Early January – Late January: Installation of 6 remaining junction structures (approximately 8 working days within this timeframe)
  •   Early February – Early March: Stringing three conductors (wire) and fibre cable from the overhead structures to the junction (approximately10 working days within this timeframe)
  •   Early April – June: Completion of landscaping including grading, junction wall installation, and tree planting
  •   Early September – Early October – Final stringing of three remaining conductors (wires) and removal of old structures from existing junction (approximately10 working days within this timeframe)

The completion of the electrical connections is largely dependent on the ability to de-energize sections of our infrastructure to ensure a safe working environment for our crews and involves coordination through the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO). Taking high voltage electrical supply circuits temporarily out of service must ensure that local electricity supply to homes and business will not be interrupted. A number of other factors such as weather and other maintenance or repair work scheduled on the transmission system supplying the GTA must also be considered. For this reason, the scheduling of the remaining electrical work has been staggered over the above months.

We are pleased to share a revised copy of the landscape plan for Bayview Junction and along old Pottery Road. Upon additional review of the selected tree species by the City, these plans will be considered final.

We would like to remind you no construction activities will take place until January 4.

Thank you for your continued patience as we work to complete this important project. Further updates on our progress will be provided in early February. On behalf of the project team, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season.

Should you have any additional questions project inquiries, please contact:

Dana Gardner
Community Relations Officer
Hydro One Networks Inc.
Tel: 416-345-6799

Full Res Plans:

Bennington Heights Pathway Conceptual Plan

Bayview Jct Landscape Conceptual Plan (2015.12.21)

Bennington Heights Pathway Conceptual Plan Bayview Jct Landscape Conceptual Plan (2015.12.21)

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